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[sticky post] Hello, how are you, I'm fine, thanks [Aug. 26th, 2013|12:34 pm]
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Hello, reader!
This journal belongs to Kahi – all-about artist.
I've decided to make the live journal because I have a lot of thoughs and drawings about everything! So I want to share it with people.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please comment below.


Привет, читатель!
Этот журнал предналежит мне, Кахи, художнику всего чего угодно.
Я решила сделать этот журнал, потому что у меня накапливаются мысли и рисунки, которые хочется показать-обсудить.
Если у вас будут какие-нибудь вопросы или предложения, пожалуйста пишите комментарии ниже.

My Wishlist

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(no subject) [Jan. 15th, 2019|02:52 pm]
Всё, с моим дорогим Озоном покончено. Они в край охренели и теперь сделали платную доставку даже в свои фирменные пвз. Очень жаль. Ну что ж, пора искать другие места.

Что еще из нового. Постараюсь в этом году максимально разобрать свой гардероб и заняться собой.

Таков мой первый пост в этом году. И незакрытый от других.

Попробую сюда писать больше публичных постов. Вдруг даже кто-то читать будет.
Может что-то хорошее выйдет.
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(no subject) [Mar. 27th, 2018|11:48 am]
Whey aye and all that.
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"Double benefit" laundry // Wash and cycle [Sep. 30th, 2017|09:45 pm]
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"Double benefit" laundry // Wash and cycle

Want to get in shape, so you're willing to work out a little? But you have no time, because you need to do your laundry?
Go to "Double benefit"!
Two birds with one stone

"Double benefit"
Wash and cycle


*animation is made especially for #StudyUK
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Health Sticker // Stick and scan [Sep. 29th, 2017|06:57 pm]
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Health Sticker // Stick and scan
The ultimate way to get a full health check within minutes.

Your health is your greatest asset and it is important that you take time to look after it, but we are all tired of sitting in the lines in anticipation of just another doctor’s appointment.
With Health Sticker it is all in the past!
Just stick it anywhere on your body and be still for 8 minutes. No matter where you are: on the train on your way to work, in the chair of hairdresser or at home in front of your computer, it will scan your body and send all the data directly to your digital profile on your laptop/ tablet/ mobile phone. Print it for yourself or send it to your doctor, it is up to you.
What can be easier?
Furthermore, you'll admit, neither kids nor their friends are really enthusiastic to visit doctors. Just imagine how incredibly it may improve quality of your life. Just stick that nice circle and let them watch their favourite cartoon. Don’t forget to get comfy yourself. There you are, all done!
Timely delivered scanning can identify any early signs of health issues, this is why NHS specialists recommend to use Health Sticker every 6 month, so that you can always be updated.
From now on, the phrase “Regular health checking can prevent many diseases” won’t make you cringe anymore.

Wireless, 24/7 service, recharging once per month,
10 sticky membranes are included in the kit.
When it comes to your healthcare, take Health Sticker.

Health Sticker
Stick and scan

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Just to let you know [Sep. 28th, 2017|12:47 pm]

Друзья, кто меня читает, don't get confused by my next three posts.
Просто выкладываю свои работы:)
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(no subject) [Sep. 2nd, 2017|01:43 pm]

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(no subject) [Aug. 20th, 2017|11:57 am]


"art exists because life is not enough."
— ferreira gullar

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Enjoy [Aug. 16th, 2017|12:33 pm]
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FT [Jul. 30th, 2017|11:22 pm]
Better to be right than to be first.
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